Level 20 town hall

A level 20 Town Hall.

In Lords Online a castle is an entire city area. Each castle has various buildings that players can create and upgrade. Every castle starts with a level 1 Town Hall and a level 1 Beacon Tower, plus various resource buildings at level 0.

Castle buildingsEdit

Buildings can upgrade to level 20. Specific gems are needed for some buildings in order to upgrade to levels 10, 15, and 20. Friends can gift each other the gems for free.

No gems required to upgradeEdit

Gems requiredEdit

Requesting gifts

The dialog for posting gem gift requests.

Resource buildingsEdit


A farm.

Resource buildings exist in every castle at a set number that cannot be changed. New players begin with 6 farms and 4 of each other resource in their first city. Empty city spots may have a different distribution of resource fields.

Players can increase production by upgrading resource buildings, by appointing a hero to the garrison, or by using game items to boost production. Four types of research affect resource production: Quarry, Smelt, Harvest, and Lumber.

It is also possible to get additional resources by levying a castle's population, but that produces resentment that can cause other problems. The Fortune Wheel sometimes gives away 40,000 of a resource. Players can buy and sell resources from other players through the Market, and can purchase resources instantly with game coins.