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Lords Online is a free online roleplaying game. It takes place in a land called Mu where players build castles and armies and form alliances with other players. Lords Online combines empire building strategy elements with Dungeons and Dragons-style adventuring features.



A player-chosen battle formation of monks and combat archers.

Lords Online is a war game where players form alliances and battle each other with armies. Each player hires one or more heroes to lead their armies. Heroes have special powers and abilities, including the capability to learn spells and wear armor. Heroes can have solo adventures of their own.

Lords Online gives players the ability to order specific troop formations when armies go into battle. To see a video replay of a player's first oasis conquest, go to this link .


Main article: Locations

There are a number of explorable locations in Mu.


Main article: Buildings

Players construct a variety of buildings in their castles in order to achieve different goals.


Lords Online inventories come in two distinct categories: player items and hero treasure. Player items include speedups for building and research, bonus cards for resource bonuses, and item/resource generators such as gem packs or resource books. Hero items are called "treasure". Treasure includes armor, weapons, healing potions, runes, gems, and spell scrolls. Though the game is free to play, players may purchase various enhancements and upgrades in the Cash Shop using real money.



A battle in Lords Online.

Various monsters inhabit the world of Mu. Low level monsters live in the Lair beside each castle. Outdoors on the map in hero mode individual monsters dot the terrain. Monsters are rated by recommended level. This number means recommended hero level, not player level. Monsters in purgatories are usually the level of the purgatory, but boss monsters in purgatory quests will be much stronger than the others.

Players can enter combat with hero adventures and with armies, either fighting monsters or fighting other players.

It is possible to recall an offensive march within the first 90 seconds after giving the order.


Events happen occasionally, usually to celebrate or commemorate a certain holiday, such as Christmas or Hanukkah. These events usually introduce special features to the game, such as new maps, new quests, and/or modified monsters.

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