Troops marching on an oasis

Marching time bar for an army advancing on an oasis.

An Oasis is a location that offers a resource bonus. Small oases provide a 15% bonus. Large oases give a 30% bonus. Players have to send a substantial army with a hero in order to conquer an oasis.

Finding an oasisEdit

Oasis battle

Battle for conquest of an unowned oasis.

In order to find Oases it is necessary to leave the castle view. Go to the game's Mapquest slider bar at the upper left corner of the screen and slide the bar one notch to the left. Be sure the viewing mode at the right side of the screen is set to Lord mode. At this view various player cities should be visible with flags flying above the cities.

The local area can be surveyed by either clicking and dragging the map or by inputting X and Y coordinates into the search bar. Marching times tend to be slow so clicking and dragging may be the better way of searching for oases.

Before attempting conquest it is a good idea to mouseover the location and determine whether the oasis is unowned or owned by another player.

Conquering an oasisEdit

Oases have armies of varying sizes defending them. A randomizer controls the size of the defending army. It is a good idea for a player to have several hundred troops and an experienced hero with an attack spell before attempting to conquer an oasis.