A Quarry.

A Quarry produces stone. Each castle begins with a set number of quarries at level zero. Level zero quarries produce 30 stone per hour. Upgrades improve production.

Stone output can also be improved through other means. Players can use a Stone Card to increase stone output by 20% for one day. Oases can give a 15% or a 30% bonus to the stone production of one castle. Players can acquire a small amount of stone by visiting friends' castles, and can purchase stone with game coins. Players can also farm inactive neighbors for stone. The Market usually offers stone at a 1:1 or a 3:1 price in gold.

Quarry productionEdit

The following are base production rates not counting bonuses

  • Level 2: 90
  • Level 3: 150
  • Level 4: 220
  • Level 5:
  • Level 6:
  • Level 7: