Equipping treasureEdit

Equipping treasure onto a hero is a two step process. First, open the Inventory (through the backpack icon) and click to the Treasure tab. Click and drag an item from the general Treasure section into a hero's inventory. Second, go to the View option for the hero (accessible either through the Hero icon or the Garrison building) and click and drag the item from the hero's inventory into the usage slots at left.

Many treasure items can only be worn by heroes who satisfy requirements, such as a minimum level or a minimum attribute.

Treasure bonusesEdit

Some treasure items are part of sets; wearing multiple items of a set gives the wearer additional benefits.

Particular items of treasure may grant additional bonuses. These bonuses are either offensive or defensive, magical or physical, and affect either the hero or the army (if the hero is leading an army). Bonuses of this type may be 5%, 10%, or 15% and an item may have up to two of this type of bonus. Mousing over the item in inventory or at the auction house will reveal its special bonuses, if any.

Armor and weapons can also be improved through forging. Forging allows you to infuses a gem, spell, or scroll into an item which gives its benefits to the item, this can be done up to 5 times per item.

Treasure slotsEdit

Heroes get specific slots for treasure.

  • Helmet
  • Armor
  • Gloves
  • Weapon (some weapons are rated as two-handed and cannot be used together with a shield)
  • Shield
  • Boots
  • Necklace
  • Ring (2 slots)
  • Accessory (3 slots)

In addition each hero gets 15 spaces for unequipped treasure.


Intelligence Based Weapons
Weapon Level Requirement Stat Requirement Spell Damage Melee/Ranged?
Disciples wand 1 20 Intellect 600 Ranged
Bright wand 10 30 Intellect 1400 Ranged
Aggressive wand 20 40 Intellect 2400 Ranged
Counterattack wand 30 50 Intellect 3400 Ranged
Soul wand 40 60 Intellect 4400 Ranged
Magic wand 50 70 Intellect 5400 Ranged
Mystic wand 60 80 Intellect 6400 Ranged
Icy wand 70 90 Intellect 7400 Ranged
Cursed wand 80 100 Intellect 8400 Ranged
Rwpentant Wand 90 110 Intellect 9400 Ranged
Dark wand 100 120 Intellect 10400 Ranged
Primary Staff 1 20 Intellect 300 Melee
Executor Staff 10 30 Intellect Melee
Justice Staff 20 40 Intellect 1200 Melee
Fierce Staff 30 50 Intellect 1700 Melee
Resolve Staff 40 60 Intellect 2200 Melee
Priority Staff 50 70 Intellect 2700 Melee
Dragonbone Staff 60 80 Intellect 3200 Melee
Melody Staff 70 90 Intellect 3700 Melee
Sorceror Staff 80 100 Intellect 4200 Melee
Shaman Staff 90 110 Intellect 4700 Melee
100 120 Intellect 5200 Melee