Map viewEdit

Mapquest slider

The slider bar for zooming in and out is located at the upper left of the game screen above the building timer.

Slider bar map view

Sliding to the left reveals the local map.

The upper left corner of the user interface has a Mapquest-like slider bar. The game's castle view is at far right. Slide one notch to the left to move to the local map view. At the local map view players can see neighboring castles and other game features.

Only the right two notches on the slider are widely used by players. The left notches give a continent view and a world view.

Lord mode and hero modeEdit

Lord mode

An empty castle plot and a small oasis visible on the map in Lord mode.

Local map viewing comes in two modes: Lord mode and Hero mode. Lord mode shows the locations of oases and other features of strategic interest. Hero mode shows monsters and equipment.

Players can navigate map view either by clicking and
Hero mode

Monsters and other features are visible only in Hero mode.

dragging the screen or by inputting X and Y coordinates.

Entirely different map features are visible depending on whether a player uses Lord mode or Hero mode. To change modes, click the Lord or the Hero tab at center right on the game screen beneath the globelike mini-map.